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Old 05-19-2017, 09:23 AM
captgregfreitas captgregfreitas is offline
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complete accounting 2004 restore

My wife has been using PT Complete Accounting 2004 to run our very small business. She closed each year and backed up her files and a *ptb file was created. Her XP laptop power supply died recently and we had the contents of the hard drive copied to a thumb drive. We have loaded PTCA 2004 onto a "new" windows 7 laptop (we still have the original disc we bought, s/n#, reg# et al). We tried to restore the data and got all the way through to the point where the message "insert the last of the multi-disk set" came on the screen. When we purchased the PTCA 2004 in 2004, there was only one disk in the package.

Since we are trying to end our business at the end of this year, investment in new software seems a bit of an extravagance. Any suggestions from anyone?
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Old 05-24-2017, 08:52 AM
jdierkhising jdierkhising is offline
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Are you restoring the data or installing the 2004 version when you get this message? It sounds like you are restoring data so what disks came with the program doesn't seem to relate. You would have installed the program and registered it and if that went well you then would go to File/Restore and browse to the PTB file on your thumb drive. I would suggest copying the PTB file to the computer ie desktop and not trying to restore from the Thumb drive as that might be screwing Peachtree up back to that version where thumb drives didn't exist yet.
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