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Old 07-26-2016, 05:51 AM
Kurt Todoroff Kurt Todoroff is offline
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Sage 50 Pre-Upgrade Question - Print Checks On White Paper

My small company uses Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2015. We run it in Parallels Desktop 11 For Mac on an iMac i7 QuadCore.

At this juncture, we are content with this version of Sage 50. However, we are considering creating our own checks with custom software. My brother does this with his small company. He swears by it. He purchases blank, security colored, perforated, triple panel check paper. His custom check software, CheckBuilder Pro, prints the usable checks.

Does the latest version of Sage 50 provide this capability? Insert blank, security colored, perforated, triple panel check paper into the laser printer. Then, tell Sage 50 to print my Accounts Payable or Payroll checks.

Thank you.
Kurt Todoroff
Todoroff Foods Incorporated

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Old 07-26-2016, 01:41 PM
jdierkhising jdierkhising is offline
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It definitely can handle printing on blank check stock as it has a canned laser form designed to print everything from the address, vendor info, and check number sequence on it. The only question would be the MICR line on the check. That is not an available data field on the check but you could insert a text box and type it in. But I am pretty sure that needs to be special MICR font and I thought it required special ink as well. So if your blank check stock included a MICR line then you would be fine.
I don't have any clients printing on completely blank but most order Deluxe last check stock and it works great.
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Old 11-02-2016, 02:22 PM
Imagineer Imagineer is offline
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Smile VersaCheck

I have been doing this with VersaCheck since 2002. Works fairly well. VersaCheck sets up a printer driver that directs "prints" from PeachTree to it's own software that handles everything. One creates a check layout in VC (including MICR information) for each checking account once upon setup. Peachtree sends the check info (payee, amount, date, etc) via the print driver to VC then it combines that with layout and prints the full check on blank check stock. As of Oct 2016, it can now print on plain paper. VersaCheck will sell you the MICR magnetic ink but one really doesn't need it now that everything is photo scanned instead of magnetically. When I deposit my paycheck into the local CU, they have to hand enter the routing accounting numbers instead of sending it though their magnetic check scanner but they've never refused my check. No vendor has ever had a problem depositing the check into their bank.

Over the years, I've saved a ton vs. pre-printed checks. I don't think I've ever gone through 2500 pre-printed checks without having to check some information on it (address, etc). Using blank check paper, I don't worry about any of that. Also, as a security feature, I don't have to worry about blank checks with my account info on it getting out into the wild.
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