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Old 02-07-2005, 09:48 AM
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departmental income statement

Is there an easy way to use the canned income statement for just one department?


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Old 02-07-2005, 10:03 AM
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Just go through the reports wizard, select income statement and in the mask area put an * for every number and character (including spaces) prior to the dept number.
Tom Sechler
Sage Certified Consultant
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Old 02-07-2005, 12:28 PM
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Talking In fact there is....

I am interested in creating departmental financial statements. How do I create these financial
statements in Peachtree Accounting or Peachtree Complete Accounting products?
You can create customized departmental financial statements by building on one of Peachtree’s
Predefined Financial Statements.
Note: If you use Peachtree First Accounting, you will not be able to edit any of Peachtree’s
predefined financial statements. Designing forms and statements is not a feature of Peachtree First
Accounting. If you would like to be able to design forms and financial statements please phone 800-
247-3224 to upgrade to a version that does have these features.
Creating General Ledger Department Accounts
Peachtree Accounting allows a great deal of flexibility in the way you create ID’s, or department
codes, for records. The coding system you use is up to you. However, it is important that you create a
consistent, logical method that everyone in your office understands, especially when you are creating
your Chart of Accounts for use in designing Departmentalized Financial Statements.
You will need to create a code for each department. You can use letters or numbers for this code.
For example, if you have Construction and Retail departments in your company, you would use C and
R in your General Ledger Account IDs which stand for Construction and Retail, respectively.
You will then create General Ledger accounts that contain the department code. It is essential to
have the department code at the end of the account ID. For instance, 40000-C Sales -Construction
and 40000-R Sales-Retail are examples of General Ledger Accounts with the department code at the
end of the account number. Typically, for use with rollup financial statements (using the rollup
feature), you could also have a master account such as 40000 Sales.
You will not be able to use the following characters in General Ledger Account ID’s:
· Asterisks (*), plus signs (+), question marks (?)
· Leading or trailing spaces (spaces in the middle of codes are permissible).

Designing Departmental Financial Statements.

1. Select Reports from the Peachtree menu, then select Financial Statements. Click ONCE on the
report that you would like to modify and click the Design button near the top of the screen. For
our example, we will begin with the Predefined Income Statement, <Standard> Income Stmnt.
2. The Financial Statement design screen will display.
In the Financial Statement Designer, you will be entering the Department Mask in the Column
Description properties, so that a column you specify will pull the information only for one
3. Find the rectangular button along the left side of the screen labeled ‘Column Desc.’
4. Click this button with your RIGHT mouse.
5. A menu box with several options will display.
6. Select Properties from this Menu with your left mouse.
7. The Column Description properties window will display. The Column Definitions table lists the
column number the field will appear, the types of columns in your financial statement and the
“Title” for the column.
Click on the line for Column 2, “Activity” to display the attributes of this column.
8. Place your cursor in the field labeled Dept. Mask
9. Type in an asterisk for each non-departmental character of the General Ledger Account ID and
then the department code you wish to display for this financial statement at the end. For
example, since your sample company has account numbers with 5 digits, a dash and the
department code, you would type *****-C to mask for Construction, or *****-R to mask for Retail.
10. Select the same mask for the Y-T-D Activity column. Click once on Column 4, Y-T-D Activity and
enter the SAME department mask as you entered for Column 2.
11. Click OK.
12. To Save the new financial statement design, select the Save button in the design window. Enter
a new name i.e. Department C Income Statement and click OK. NOTE: Be sure to NOT include
the phrase <Standard> in your new report name.
To test the report, click the Preview button at the top of the screen. The report will display data
for the accounts that fit into the department mask that you have specified. In the example here,
accounts that end in the letter C (for Construction Department) will be shown.

Designing a Rollup Financial Statement

Line Descriptions are modified instead of Column Descriptions when creating Rollup Financial
1. Select Reports from the Peachtree menu, then select Financial Statements. Highlight the
<Predefined> Income Stmnt and click the Design button.
2. Locate the Line Description button that corresponds to the section of your Income Statement that
you want to rollup (in our example we are going to modify the Income section). Use your right
mouse button to click on the Line Description button you have selected. For example, if you are
rolling up the Sales accounts into one line, click the right mouse button on the Line Description in
the Revenue area of the Income Statement.
3. From the menu that displays, select Properties with the left mouse button.
4. The Line Description Screen will display. In the lower right, locate the field labeled Print.
5. Select Rollup from the Print field drop down list
6. The field directly below the print field will now read Rollup Mask. Place your cursor in this field.
7. The Rollup Mask works in the opposite way than the Department Mask. First, type the leading
digit(s) that represent the account group you are rolling up (income accounts for example) and
type zeros for the rest of the digits (as place holders) until you get to the department code. Then
type asterisks for the department code.
For example: You are interested in rolling up income accounts for all departments. Your income
accounts begin with the number 4 and there are a total of 5 digits in each regular General Ledger
account number. The department code consists of a dash and one character as the last digit. If
you create a Rollup Mask using this criteria the rollup mask would be 40000**.

NOTE: If you want to rollup only the Department Masked accounts your Rollup Masking would
be 40000-*. This will print the 40000 accounts on one line and all department masked accounts
on another line.
8. Click OK
9. Save the rollup Financial Statement as a new report. Select the Save button at the top left. Give
the report a new name, such as Rollup Income Statement or a name that reflects the content of
the report and Click OK. NOTE: Be sure to NOT include the phrase <Standard> in your new
report name.
When the Rollup Mask has been used properly, the report will display the total of the departmental
accounts specified with the description of the Master account. In our example, the report displays the
total of the activity from accounts 40000, 40000-R, and 40000-C and it is labeled Sales, which is the
description of account 40000.
All accounts that start with a 4, and have a department code, will be rolled up into their respective
master accounts. Any account that does not have a department code will be printed on it’s own line.
You can rollup account activity in any section of the Financial Statement you are customizing. For
example, if you rollup accounts in the Cost of Goods Sold or Expenses sections, you would go back
to the design screen and modify the corresponding Line Descriptions for those sections. The only
difference would be that the leading digit on the Rollup Mask would reflect the same leading digit for
Cost of Sales type accounts or Expense type accounts.
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